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▪BEST SUPPORT FOR YOUR NECK▪ Premium Quality BASF memory foam travel pillow keeps your neck comfortably in place with our patented geometric shape design. Adjustable velcro strap makes finding the perfect fit easy with no hard plastics and strings to get in your way. Suitable for children 5 years and above.
▪UNIQUE AND STYLISH GEOMETRIC DESIGN▪ Prevents your head from rolling forward. We have just the right amount of density in the foam to balance between comfort and support. Supporting your neck from all directions you choose, it has never been easier finding the right position to get comfy.
▪SWEAT RESISTANT AND WASHABLE▪ Soft to the touch and breathable fabric keeps sweat away on warm days. Removable machine washable cover. Wash reusable silicone earplugs with soapy water anytime you want to keep clean.

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