Here are some practical storage tips. Easy to use!

Are you still bothered by the chaotic and disorganized desktop? Staying organized on the desktop is crucial for remaining productive at work. Therefore, it is better for you to use some storage supplies to make the desktop more neat. Here are some small tips for desktop storage.

1. Cable Management Box

Would you hate the way the power strip looks with all the tangled wires on the desktop? Try to use a cable management box.

Nowadays, many people use cable management boxes to store wires at home. It is such a useful items, which can not only contain wires, but also have a proactive approach to health and safety in electricity. 

If there are children or pets in the house, the cable management box can protect them from electric shock by direct exposure with the wires.

In additional, it is also suitable for use on desks.

Even though it seems to take more space, it actually leaves more usable area. There are enough power sockets in the company. However, there will be a bunch of various wires cluttering up on the desktop when we recharge our cell phone. It will make us more annoyed when we look at the mess in the disturbed work. The cable management box can contain and organize the wires perfectly. Moreover, you can put glasses, calendars and other sundries on the cover box. Some cable management boxes are designed with mobile phone holders, which is more convenient to use.

There is no need to worry about the security of the hub. There are heat dissipation holes at the bottom of cable management boxes. Therefore, there is almost no potential safety hazard  when using the cable management box and it is not easy to cause a fire.

2. Multifunctional Desktop Organizer

Nowadays, it has become very popular to use multifunctional desktop organizers. Please make sure that there is a multifunctional dekstop organizer on your desk. There are numerous and miscellaneous small items on everyone's desk, such as pens, scissors, tape and headphones. It is inconvenient and time consuming when we look for something. You can try to use the multifunctional dekstop organizer, which can organize all kinds of sundries and save nearly 80% of the area.


It doesn't just end at a cable management box and a multifunctional desktop organizer. There are many other types of storage elements that you can incorporate on your desk. For instance, you can use filing cabinet to collect and organize documents. Make sure your desktop is clean and tidy which can improve your work efficiency and put you in a good mood while working.