Initial failure guarantee and maintenance service for LOUKIN products

Target products

The warranty below is applicable to the products which are produced and sold by our company (hereinafter called "target product"). The warranty is applied to the products which are still under the guarantee and customers should have purchase records.Products purchased from unauthorized retailers (including resale) are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty period

Initial failure warranty:Within 7 days of your delivery date.

Warranty scope

If the product is broken due to our responsibility, we will replace or repair it free of charge. After assessing,we are able to repair the damaged products beyond the warranty. Please consult customer support first.
However, even within the warranty period, product damage caused by the following conditions is not covered by the warranty. Even if the product is replaced or repaired, the start date of the warranty period is still the purchase date.

  • Wear, loss, misuse, accidental damage
  • Damage due to excessive force
  • Scratch or dent
  • Powerful chemicals,cleansers or other liquids
  • Products exposed to extreme heat or  cold
  • Damaged caused by animal,fire or weather
  • Natural disaster
  • Damage caused by airline, third part or faulty operation
  • Damage caused by third-party repair
  • Theft or malicious damage
  • Loss or damage during delivery
  • Third-party products
  • Accidental damage caused by the use of product. Damage caused to other supporting products due to the use of this product
  • Losses of household appliances such as laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, MP3 players, DVD players, hand-held devices and other personal property

Damage caused by data in the above-mentioned devices (all damages described in this Agreement).

Guarantee amount is limited to the amount that you pay for this product. Some countries, states and areas do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential losses, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

Buying products from us means that you agree to our quality assurance policy. Attention Please: Our quality assurance policy is subject to change without notice.

Obtain warranty service

Please contact us by the customer support. Please do not send it directly to us without contacting us.

After receiving the product, we will ascertain whether the product is covered by the warranty (usually within 7-10 working days). Note that verification of the claimed defect by us will be required prior to issuance of repair.

If we confirm that the product is defective due to our reasons,  we will repair or replace it free of charge (at our expense). Product delivery costs are not included.

If you purchased the product, please contact the Customer Centre within 30 days since the date of purchase, and we will refund the price of the product ,repair or replace the product at our expense.

If the product has irreparable damage, we will send the same or similar product to you.
According to your request, we may send you repair parts and repair instructions.

All products returned to us will first be screened for authenticity. If it is a counterfeit, it will be handed over to our legal department and we do not return counterfeit.

The following items are not considered as material or manufacturing defects. They are not covered by our warranty. In this case, you may have to pay for repairs.

  • Wear and damage caused by normal use
  • Fading, softening, discolouration, abrasion of the paint around the edges due to normal use.
  • Spots and stains
  • Surfaces and seams damaged by wear and friction
  • Dirt and damage caused by improper maintenance and cleaning