Since 2012, Loukin has been dedicated to designing and producing innovative office supplies and household goods. Our team strives to provide simplicity and superior quality in our products. We offer more innovative and fun items for businesses, schools and families.

1. Record every moment of inspiration (Think big)

Your ideas are always evolving. Every moment of inspiration is a precious gift from life, but they can be fleeting and easy to forget at times. At Loukin, we believe that a creative and artistic product can help spark innovative and unique thoughts. We are here to keep you inspired at any time so that you can make accurately record every thought and capture every creative idea. Every small idea can lead to a bigger, better one. Please write down your thoughts for this moment on our whiteboard. At Loukin, we help you organize your ideas and turn them into a reality.

2. Focus on every detail of life(Start small)

Movies are made up of millions of images, life is made up of millions of details, and great achievements are made up of millions of tiny goals. Whiteboard erasers, markers, magnets; these office supplies are trivial, but essential. Loukin improves your office life by supplying you with small objects accessible within arm’s reach and creating a comfortable, efficient working area. We want you to achieve your vision step-by-step by using small details. We can all make a great difference in our lives by focusing on every little detail that matters.