Cable Management Box, Wood grain style


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  • Wood grain style- The high quality lid has a beautiful wood grain style to serve as a home decoration and useful utility. The impact resitant, flame retardant lid is made using durable, non-toxic, ABS high-density plastic.
  • Practical - The top cover's concave design makes it easy to pick up and set down items such as mobile phones. The top opening (size: 10.63" x 0.24") allows you to pass charging cables through it. Two holes on each side make it easier to open the cover.
  • Wire Arrangement Expert - Overall size: 13.93" x  5.43" x 4.92." Suitable for standard 8-outlet power strip (reference size: 11.75" x 2.99" x 1.14"). Cords, charger and surge protector can easily be placed in the box to organize messy cables and adapters.
  • Safety - Comprehensive protection blocks water and dust, and improves safety. This box helps hide dangerous or accessible wires to prevent children or pets from tripping over wires or being exposed to electricity
  • Gifts: 4 free cable ties to help you fix and organize the normal mess of cables used when charging your devices.

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